Whatsapp Confirms its Upcoming Feature

Whatsapp Confirms its Upcoming Feature

In the last couple of months, there has been a huge buzz about “WhatsApp for Business.” Now WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company, has verified the feature. As per FAQ section of WhatsApp, the messaging app is now seeking for methods to let consumers link to businesses effortlessly.

The page states that WhatsApp is discovering methods for you to converse with the companies that matter to you. It also claims that the firm has already begin checking business accounts with a badge of green tick displaying alongside its name. The confirmation indicates that the firm has long established the phone number of the account to a business account. The FAQ page also cites that it will permit consumers to know when they can begin texting to the company account through a yellow text within a chat.

Whatsapp Confirms its Upcoming Feature

It has also been cited that “there is no method to remove these texts from the chat.” WhatsApp claims that if consumers already have a phone number of the company saved in their contact book, the name they view is the name that the company has selected for themselves. Consumers can also block the company if they do not need to make a contact with them.

Recently, WhatsApp was located in the Google Play Beta Program. A top executive at WhatsApp claimed that the app is eager about the digitization drive of the government and the upcoming projects in the nation.

Without investigating into the particulars about when the gateway for instant money transfer will finally be rolled out in the country, Software Engineer at Facebook-owned company, Alan Kao, claimed, “We are very eager about the projects in the future and the digitization of the country.”. UPI has more than 200 Million WhatsApp MAUs (Monthly Active Users). Regulated by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and rolled out by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), UPI smoothes the process of the instant money transfer on the mobile platform amid 2 bank accounts. WhatsApp has been in the limelight for operating towards an interface based on UPI in its platform.


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