3.5 Lakh College Students to Get Tablets

3.5 Lakh College Students to Get Tablets

Almost 3.5 Lakh college candidates in Gujarat will receive tablets at a subsidized price of Rs 1,000 each below a state government proposal rolled by Vijay Rupani, the state Chief Minister, this week. Below this proposal, the college students for first year of their academics in the state will receive 7-inch tablets named “NAMO E-Tab”, which have a market price of Rs 8,000 each, by just giving Rs 1,000.

Various candidates, who had previously enrolled for the proposal, got the tablets at the launch ceremony from the chief minister this week. In the upcoming days, several such events will be organized in various parts of state to allocate the tablets, which contains voice-calling feature, a source having deep knowledge of this matter claimed to the media this week in an interview.

3.5 Lakh College Students to Get Tablets

The government has affiliated Rs 200 Crore for this proposal, Rupani claimed at the time of the launch ceremony. “Our goal is to realize the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to construct a new India. Though the tablets, produced by renowned firms, have a price tag of Rs 8,000 in the market, we are distributing it at a token amount of Rs 1,000 to the college candidates,” he further claimed.

On the forthcoming assembly votes in Gujarat, Rupani claimed that the BJP government does not consider in giving fake pledges to win the election. “Every time election comes, parties pledge to distribute houses, laptops, and what not. But, we do not march on the same path. Our goal is to change our youth into the new age influence, not just new age supporters. I am sure that these tabs will unlock new gates for our candidates,” he further added.

Rupani claimed that the government is not giving such tablets for free since people normally do not value such free stuff. He declared that the government will invest Rs 30 Crore, earned via the distribution of such subsidized tabs, on constructing digital communications all over the state in college campuses.

“I want to declare that we will utilize this fund in developing all the college campuses Wi-Fi-enabled. We will also invest the capital to arrange digital classrooms and e-libraries all over the state,” he further added.