Reasons Why Tai Chi is Good for You

Tai Chi is a type of martial art that originates from China. It comprises slow moves matched with deep breaths. Tai Chi is similar to yoga and involves almost the same body and mind exercises.

Another interesting factor is that it is a simple exercise. The moves are simple to learn, and you will not need any particular gym or training equipment. Aside from that, you can do it anywhere. So, why Tai Chi?

Cuts Stress Levels

Stress is a lifestyle-related problem that can lead to other health complications if not managed well. However, Tai Chi can reduce stress and anxiety levels and boost your mental health.

Recent studies carried out show that a 3-month Tai Chi session can help reduce the rates of mild depression. Furthermore, Tai Chi boosts blood flow to the brain, increasing its metabolism.

Mood Booster

Tai Chi involves body and mind exercises. To perform most Tai Chi moves you need to focus and control your breathing. This results in increased blood flow to your brain. Additionally, it triggers the release of happy chemicals that boost your mood.

Improve Your Stability

Senior citizens face a challenge when it comes to maintaining stability. Mostly, Tai Chi will involve stretching and balancing, helping you improve your stability and flexibility levels. Besides, it is a low-impact exercise, so you will not put pressure on your bones and joints.

Improve Quality of Sleep

If you’re struggling with insomnia or any other kind of sleep disorder, then try Tai Chi. The leading causes of sleeping disorders are stress and anxiety. Lack of sleep can lead to other health complications, alongside limiting your production levels during the day.

A recent study carried out on individuals suffering from anxiety showed that those who undertook Tai Chi sessions experienced improved sleep compared to those who didn’t.

Boosts Weight Loss 

People who practice Tai Chi lose weight even without making any extra lifestyle changes. This can be an excellent option for people struggling with weight issues and suffering from joint pain that makes it difficult for them to perform high-intensity workouts.

Additionally, you can incorporate your Tai Chi session with moderate-intensity workouts to help you lose weight faster. Besides that, you can get workout supplements geared towards weight loss from to help you achieve your fitness goals more effectively.

Reduce High Blood Pressure

Average-intensity exercises help improve the health of your cardiovascular system. However, Tai Chi, despite being a low-intensity workout, does offer similar benefits too. Studies have shown that senior citizens who undertook at least 30 minutes of Tai Chi per day exhibited significant drops in blood pressure.

Cuts Down Pain from Arthritis

Pain from diseases such as arthritis and knee osteoarthritis can inhibit mobility. However, studies have shown that special Tai Chi moves can help reduce pain in arthritis patients. Besides that, patients who practiced Tai Chi experienced improved mobility levels.

Point to note, if you’re suffering from joint pain always discuss, with your doctor first about safe moves you can try to ease the pain.