Now Truecaller users can simply scan numbers and make payments

So far, Truecaller has been very useful in tracking the unknown numbers. But what if you would be allowed to pay by just scanning numbers? Yes, a new feature is been introduced for its users by Truecaller to scan phone numbers from street signs, billboards, websites or business cards and directly pay using its Truecaller Pay, a UPI-based payment service.

The new feature will be accessible by the Android app users of Truecaller in India with the facility to swiftly hunt for the scanned number or add the number to their contacts. Truecaller is claimed to have a user base of above 130 Million in India and has associated with ICICI Bank to roll out its mobile payment service this year in March. CEO and Co-founder of Truecaller, Alan Mamedi, said, “The way we have incorporated with UPI, one will be capable of making payments to anyone in their contacts in a few clicks provided they have any UPI address.”

Truecaller, apart from this, has also rolled a new feature entitled as Fast Track numbers for its India users. It puts together toll-free numbers for urgent situation services such as fire, police, women’s helpline, roadside assistance, and medical care into its app, thereby making it obtainable to users without requiring an internet connection.

Additionally, it will also have a curated catalog of toll-free numbers from a range of other categories such as couriers, banks, railways, insurance, & airlines and will be obtainable to users in the in-app search bar.

Truecaller’s Director of Product & Engineering, Narayan Babu, said, “Truecaller is made even more relevant with the addition of these new features in the real world. When one looks at an important phone number, he/she can directly pull it into their phonebook with Truecaller and, in seconds, use it to make a payment or connect. Also, during critical conditions, one can reach out to the appropriate person, service, or company with Fast track numbers in a single tap.”

Atomico, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Sequoia Capital-supported Truecaller has also associated with numerous Indian Internet companies such as Housejoy, Voonik, Snapdeal, and Quikr to assist users to filter out unnecessary communication.###