Google App’s ‘Tappable Shortcuts’ Feature Makes Search Easier

Google App’s 'Tappable Shortcuts' Feature Makes Search Easier

Google is one of the widely used search engines all over the world. The Google app is downloaded by many Android and iOS users to make their hunt for information or certain things online all the more easier. The redesigning of the Google’s search app is surely going to make some buzz in the current mobile app technology market. Due to the millions of Google search engine users across the globe, there is constant need for advancement in the app to make it more user friendly for the masses.

Google App’s 'Tappable Shortcuts' Feature Makes Search Easier

Google has redesigned the search app by introducing a new app launcher to the earlier version. The new app launcher provides shortcuts for a number of apps on the Web including coin flip, weather, sports, translate, and others. This new feature changes the previous style of searching the topics of interest on Google. The new app launcher or the shortcut bar is added below the big search bar of the Google app. It can be visible once you update the previous version.

Generally, for searching topics your interests  need to be typed  on the search bar and then Google further provide the links regarding the same. However, the new feature provides you with “tappable shortcuts” that makes the search even faster and easier. There are specific shortcut icons provided by Google as well. The shortcut icons include sports, weather, entertainment, flights, foods & beverages, internet speed test, nearby attraction, currency converter, hotels, translate, and more. The Android and iOS users have some more shortcut icons added to their new search bar. In addition to all this, there are also some gaming shortcuts such as roll a die, tic-tac-toe, “I’m feeling curious”, solitaire, and others added as well.

For instance, if you search for entertainment then Google will provide you with the latest movies running in the theatres or the latest TV shows going on. The search engine provides with the latest of the small and big screen news or gossips. The hunt for best food & beverages location nearby is also no longer cumbersome. Google cares for public’s time; hence, are making features that are easy to operate within a second.

However, the new tappable shortcuts feature is available only in the U.S. and at the moment there seems to be no chance it will be made available on a worldwide basis.

But, it is worth the wait, no doubt!