Daily Problems That You Face

Daily Problems That You Face

There are some problems that each of you face daily. Today, we will give a solution on that problem. Hope you like these solutions.

Daily Problems That You Face

Problem: Lots of password to remember

Creating new passwords everyday has become a habit. Hence, forgetting them is an obvious thing.

Solution: Password Manager

This may sound a little bit odd, but this is the need of the day. All you will need is just one more password that will manage all your passwords. Last Pass is the popular password manager app that is in trend in the market. It is safe, fast, free, and works for PCs as well as smartphones.

Problem: Slow Internet speed

Is your Internet speed not up to mark? Well, then it is time to change your router. In today’s era, all the gadgets that are connected transfer high amount of data back and forth. Hence, an old router may be the reason behind the slow speed of your Internet.

Solution: Change the router

Routers, as a matter of fact, are not too expensive. Consider buying a powerful router. Routers from TP-Link are most popular and powerful. Routers having a frequency between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are ideal for fast Internet speed.

Problem: Cell phone battery runs quickly

This is the common problem that each and every one of us faces. Companies promise that the smartphone battery will last for more than 24 hours in a single charge. Well, most of them tend to die within 6 hours only.

Solution: Proper charging

Do not wait for your phone to die. Charge as soon as battery gets below 20%. Do not leave your smartphone charging even when the battery is 100%. If still you have the same problem, consider buying a power bank or new smartphone.

So friends, hope these solutions are helpful to you.