Best 5 Websites to Create Custom T-Shirts

Although, the market is flooded with clothing with thousands of designs and makes, the satisfaction on gets when wearing a custom designed dress, can never be explained in words. Well, the happiness shoots up a step further if you were to personally design your own clothing, especially your T-shirts.custom-tshirt-design

Interesting right? If you thought you were lacking great designing skills, read on to know exactly how easy it is to custom design them. There are a number of sites off late, which provide you a Photoshop-like design interface.

All you need to do is select any style and color of the T-shirt you like; add an image of your own, preview and you are done. If you are an imaginative person you can well have an array of colors and right words inserted at the right places. The sites charge you according to the design and the design elements you have chosen.

Choosing the Right Website

With a number of online T-shirt design sites, you need to be careful to select the right site that provides you maximum benefits at a competitive price. The most important factor here is the number of customizations that can be done, search for ones that would give you the maximum number of customizations.

If you like prints in your own mother tongue, you can go for the ones that let you customize in your own language. Some of the added features to look for are the number of effects that can be added and whether you can tweak your image or not and so on.

Based on all these parameters we have come up with a list of 5 websites that you would find interesting to explore if you wish to customize your T-shirts.


When it comes toz of T-shirts, 99tshirts is the most popular. They have a very easy interface to work on, which seems to be just a click away. They don’t only have a choice in customizations, but also in material and fabric too. You can customize a wide array of things such as hoodies, inner wear, apron, tea towel, pillow covers etc.

This list appears when you click on their ‘create’ tab; once you chose the material to be customized you can select the style, color and the size. Their extensive features have exclusive effects too that include Broken Glass, Vintage, and Scratchy and so on. If you find an interesting effect and matching to your selected text, image, clip art or name, you can easily add it in the end too, or you could begin with an effect and proceed further.

Customizing text in their interface again has a number of choices, such as fonts (over 100), color, alignment, outline and even spacing. It’s as a simple as your basic paint. If you already have an image of your choice, you are free to upload 7MB in any format including PDF, PSD, AI, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG and even GIF. If clip art is what you are looking for, that is available too. The price of the T-shirt depends on the color, size and the number of design elements. Delivery time is just seven days.

T-Shirt Loot

If you are a person who wants your T-shirt to have your local language, identity, well, this is the site for you. Since the site uses transliteration, you can type in English alphabets which get translated to the language of your choice.

Although Font customizations are not possible sue to a limited number of fonts, one should never miss a chance to customize their own language. You have two types of available designs named ‘Popular’ and ‘People’. As the name suggests, popularly includes all those designs that are popular in vogue, while the ‘People’ designs are the ones such as cartoon, emoticons, sports persons and so on.

Your own images of course can be uploaded in formats such as GIF, JPG, BMP and PNG. Assistance if required is provided by the site if you are not able to decide on the features such as transparency, brightness or contrast and so on. The site would help in editing your image as you require.

The added advantage here is you can customize your sleeves and label too.


This site is for those who want to go beyond apparel, and customize personalized products such as bags, hats, flyers and so on. An added advantage is that Design Ideas section of this site which features designs from categories such as Sports, Business, College, Events and so on that you can customize further.

Your own images and texts can also be added. While adding text you can choose fonts, size and color. You can increase or decrease the size of the texts and add effects to them too.

Another advantage is the option to overlay text over image. This gives an extra professional look to your design. This option is easy to use and can be done with a right click. iLogo also allows you to print T-shirts such as for a group event, so that you could plan from fabric to color and even embroidery if you want. The only bottleneck here is the minimum order quantity.


Having the advantage of being among the earliest entrants in online customization of T-shirts, Xtees has gained good reputation for their quality and efficient delivery. Though the interface is not very user-friendly the choices let you oversee it.

Some special features include the regular T-shirt, sweatshirt and so on. However, some of the designs like the superhero T-shirt do not have many options to customize. Also, your online customization sensation is reduced when you finish your customization and need to email your design images to the site, giving detailed instructions on what you want.


AllThingsCustomized is an expert when it comes to personalized merchandise in your own Language. The design interface is quite user-friendly.

There is a choice to choose from different fonts in English, it is limited for other languages. Other features such as uploading your own images, text and clip art are available on this site too. However, while trying to edit the images you would be handicapped because you can only increase or decrease their size and nothing else can be done. Your customized merchandise would be delivered in 10 days.