Tips For Class 7 Students To Prepare For Maths Exams

Tips For Class 7 Students To Prepare For Maths Exams

Maths is an exciting subject which requires concentration to learn. For Class 7, the syllabus covered are integers, fractions and decimals, data handling, simple equations, lines and angles, types of triangles, etc. The board prescribes all these topics in a manner that each student can grasp the concept, quickly.  But to score good marks in the exams, students should adopt some techniques, which will help them to learn fast. That is why we are bestowing here some helpful tips to prepare for Maths exam.

Tips For Class 7 Students To Prepare For Maths Exams

  • Plan your studies, set your timetable, stick it to the study table and follow the routine
  • Learn from your class notes provided by Maths teacher
  • Revise the topics which are taught in the class, on the same day, after returning from school
  • Finish your classwork and homework regularly
  • Ask doubts from your teachers in class, whenever you are unable to understand the concept
  • Practice more questions based on a single concept to get thorough knowledge.
  • Never by heart the topics and always try to understand.
  • Try to study in groups with your classmates and friends, to clarify each other doubts.
  • Solve last year’s question papers to get an idea of the paper pattern and marking scheme.
  • Stop the habit of last-minute studies and always prepare yourself one month prior to exams.
  • Always keep a designated area at your home to study and to avoid the distractions.
  • Take a break in every half an hour just for 5 minutes and avoid sitting for a longer duration.
  • Eat healthy food, drink water a lot and take care of yourself.

These are the basic tips which students should follow to prepare for their exams. Also, use some real-life examples to relate the topics with the real world. For example, perimeter of a circle is used to calculate the length of boundaries of a field having a circular shape. Try some of your methods as well to plan for Maths exam.

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