World Hindi Conference: India Launched New Social Networking Hindi Site “Mushak”

Social Networking Hindi Site “Mushak”

Social Networking Hindi Site “Mushak”People can use social networking site mushak in Hindi language along the lines of Twitter’s. Social media have been launched to promote Hindi.  This site has, given the many features operated by the Pune city, which is better than Twitter. Consequently, more than 10 thousand accounts have become a mushak. Mushak will be announcing the full features and other information about this social networking site in the World Hindi Conference.

Gaudtold social media has almost missing in Hindi. Given this, he decided to make a mushak. It is completed in two years. It is better than Twitter. The message can be written in twitter only 140 characters, but in the mushak message can be written in 500 characters. He told that a one person several fake accounts, create on twitter.

Mushak will open an account via the mobile number from which a person will be able to open an only one account. Mushak create a separate list, which friends, family, politicians, actors, etc. will be located separately,which does not have distress finding friends with the many contacts. Gaur told, in future mushak is driven by all the languages on the country.

Mushak gives two options. First one is, if any owner whether he will be able to type in Hindi. The Second option would be to type in Roman, Devanagari script will change the mushak that one. Mushak in has any condition use in only Hindi language.