We always carry a cloud of bacteria, according to PeerJ

Bacteria are ubiquitously present in humans. Yes, that’s true. While you shout, cry, sneeze, sleep microbes’ surrounds you. Beware of these tiny creatures, they may serve as friend or foe. As a friend, microbe improves the immunity of the body, metabolism, treating various diseases and has many industrial applications. With the industrial applications of probiotic drinks like Yakult, microbes have drastically influenced the dairy products. Petri dish with red bacteria, lab work

In a study published on Tuesday in PeerJ, researchers reported that microbes cluster or more precisely a cloud of microbe is unique to each individual. Two experiments were performed on disease free volunteers. By this experimentation, they concluded that bacterial cloud is unique and statistical difference is evident in volunteers taking part in the study. Sequences of microbes were aligned and compared with the already known sequences stored in microbe database.

As each of our bodies has unique biomarkers, genome sequences, microbial cloud adds signature uniqueness’ for our body. Microbes are the flora and fauna of humans. Humans connect with microbes by environment. Uniqueness are influenced by different factors like while sitting, drinking, family members, friends, coworkers, schools, colleges, shops, strangers, trees, animals and surroundings we pass by throughout the day.

Now, the cloud of microbes may influence individual person’s beauty – oily skin sebum may be house of P acnes and Malasezzia sp., acidity in stomach – H pylori. Personalized products will be a new trend implemented after thorough examination of personal human genome and unique micro biota related to that genome. This is a completely new exploratory area for commercialization of personalized beauty care products after the ongoing personalized medicines.

In a near future, we may require to carry microbes chips with data of microbes normally present and surrounding our body. This will act as ancillary supply to the doctors in providing better treatment and cure to the humans.