The iPhone 6s may be the last of ‘S’ breed

The naming of Apple products has always been the primary concern for the manufacturers. Apple has always had a trend of naming distinguishable and catchy names so that it stands out from the rest. For instance, Mackintosh, PowerBook, Power Mackintosh etc. iphone6

When Steve jobs returned to his company, the primary concern that he streamlined was the naming of the newer products that were launched by Apple. A lot of companies use names that are comparatively difficult and clunky and cannot be easily remembered by the users. Customers who enter an Apple store don’t really have to know in and out of a product’s features and the name that it has, because of its catchy name that is easily recognisable.

But, with the introduction of the iPhone, and the usage of 3g, there was another distinct name used along with it which came to be known as ‘s’. It was then that people took it for granted that Apple too was another brand with a clunky name. In order to create a distinct separation for the sake of sales, the newer product came to have an ‘s’ at the end. But, yet, it somehow turned out to be a menace for the people who found it difficult to make a decent recognition of newer products that were launched in the market.

Apple is already running out of designs to make the newer model more distinct and unique. Though changes like the elimination of the home button was initially started, but thereafter the changes have all been iterative and not exactly distinct.

Apple did try breaking away from the number nomenclature with the naming of the iPad series, unlike the iPhone series that came up with an ‘s’. While naming iPad’s , a more decent nomenclature is considered that only has a 1, 2 or 3 and no further letter to accompany it, like in the iPhone series.

According to the macworld, a tech blog that offers more valuable information about the iPhones and other Apple products, Apple iPhone 6s might be the last model of the “S” breed. They have mentioned that start collecting iPhone 6s, and soon the “S” model will come to the end, in order to keep a unique name for Apple’s model.