Researchers Find Differences In Both Smokers’ and Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer

Though both the sections of people who include smokers and non-smokers have an equal chance of getting lung cancer, there was significant difference observed in both these cases. smoking-kills

Though the people smoking tobacco have higher risk of contracting lung cancer, the disease can also hit the non-smokers and the number of people suffering from lung cancer despite not smoking is reportedly growing in number. Research done among five hundred non-smoking Portuguese NSCLC patients and about nine hundred smokers, it was noticed that the non-smoking lung cancer affected people were more likely to be women. Also, after diagnosis, the survival rate was higher among smokers than among non-smokers. Dr. Cátia Saraiva of the Lisbon institute’s Department of Pulmonology said that the information gathered about the differences between smokers and non0smokers is not much. Also, lung cancer is basically a set of tumours that are often misleading and cannot be diagnosed in the beginning.

In the non-smoking group, it was noticed that people exposed to carcinogens was 9 percent, and if there is family history of lung cancer then it would account to 5 percent and with already a cancer diagnosed before could account to nearly 6 percent. Also, 18 percent of them had high blood pressure.

Among the non-smokers, this disease is detected only when it has finally reached the bones or the brain. This is because it’s a natural tendency for the non-smokers to assume that they won’t be affected by lung cancer. Further Dr. Saraiva said

The non-smoking Portuguese population is not aware of lung cancer risks, but that would have to be confirmed through population-based studies.

Smokers with lung cancer witness a problem of weight loss, heart disease when they suffered from lung cancer while the non-smokers observed a common type of type of NSCLC, known as adenocarcinoma, but they showed lesser possibilities of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.