Smart boarding cards soon to roll out

A smart boarding can ease your whole traveling by clearing the total security checks even before taking the flight without the need of a stamp to declare it. The stamping process is getting tedious and troublesome for the CISF and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. The CISF and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security are working on developing a smart technology to bring an end to the traditional stamping boarding cards system. The new smart board will help get rid of the security check task like the hand bags tags.

However, Hyderabad is the only city permitted to use the paperless and smart boarding process. The other regions will have to wait till the technology expands. The smart boarding cards will be scanned at the time of entry in the terminal or at the time of check-in and followed by the pre-embarkation security check clearance.

The scanned smart card will have to undergo a final check at the boarding gate so as to confirm if the passenger has cleared the previous two stages of security-check. Any individual who is able to skip the earlier stages can be caught hold of at the final check. The stamping boarding cards method only lets in the stamped passport owners who have cleared the security checks to board the flight. Once the new practice comes into play, stamping method can be done away with. The pilot project will first be tried out at smaller airports before hitting the bigger ones.

If the reading or scanning of the smart boarding cards for the security purpose is in place then the biometric and e-boarding technology can also be roped into to encourage the paperless use. As the Aadhaar card itself has biometrics then the use of iris or fingerprint scanning while boarding plane is not a big surprise. Even the personal electronic device will be showcasing the boarding cards in the coming months just like the air tickets. In addition to this, the security checks of the vehicles from a safe distance from the airport will be carried out to avoid the threats of terrorists.

Airports too are getting smarter to ease the traveling as well as to enhance the security.###