Samsung Electronics Records Profit for Quarter 2 as Memory Costs Rises

Samsung Electronics Records Profit for Quarter 2 as Memory Costs Rises

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. this week claimed that its operating profit for quarter 2 probably grew 72% to a new record from a year earlier. This resulted in beating experts’ estimates, as strong memory chip costs assisted to widen the margins.

The global memory chip leader and Apple Inc. smartphone rival claimed that operating profit for quarter 2 was probably 14 Trillion Won ($12.11 Billion), as compared to the 13.1 Trillion Won average guesstimates of 19 analysts. Income probably grew 18% to 60 Trillion Won from a year earlier, as compared to analysts’ prediction of 59 Trillion Won. Samsung stakes are selling at a record high of 2.4 Million Won as of this week, as sponsors tend to record earnings boosted by rising need for chips capable of fueling ever more smartphones and complex servers in 2017.

Samsung Electronics Records Profit for Quarter 2 as Memory Costs Rises

Earlier this week, the firm claimed that it might spend $18.6 Billion to expand its lead in next-generation displays and memory chips. Samsung did not detailed on its April–June performance and will reveal thorough results at the end July 2017. Even so, experts have tipped that its chip department will push the firm to record general profit. The memory chips market is extensively covered by tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

The healthy guesstimates strengthen the hopes for best-ever revenue for Samsung in 2017, powered by a supposed memory chip super cycle. Experts guess scarcities for both NAND and DRAM chips to persevere for the remaining part of this year owing to the demand for more computing power on servers and smartphones, and restricted supply growth, stuffing margins for memory manufacturers.

Another profit booster has also come out in the shape of OLED displays. Samsung has a strong hold on the market for the next-generation, bendy screens, which are broadly anticipated to be employed for latest iPhones of Apple, which are due out for launch by October end.

“In July, DRAM costs will go up once more. At the same time, from mid-August onwards, OLED panels prices may go out for Apple,” Greg Roh, industry expert claimed. He anticipates operating profit for quarter 3 of Samsung to go beyond 15 Trillion Won.


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