Mobile Data Tariff to Lower To Rs 50 per GB

Mobile Data Tariff to Lower To Rs 50 per GB

Indian users will be giving not over Rs 50 per GB for mobile Internet data by the end of 2020. On the other hand, till last year, the standard Indian mobile Internet data user was giving Rs 228 per GB on an average.

In a scene where cost per GB reduces to Rs 50, the LTE data utilization might elevate up to 6–7 GB each month and supposing 17% Wi-Fi offload as per present trends, 4G Internet data utilization on cellular networks might cross 5–6 GB each month, industry analysts predicted. The 3G Internet data utilization is anticipated to cross 1.5–2 GB by the end of 2020. This is because 3G tariffs are likely to decline in comparison with 4G tariffs.

Mobile Data Tariff to Lower To Rs 50 per GB

Also, it is due to of Reliance Jio that by the end of 2020, 80% of population in India will be able to meet the expense of a 4G phone. Had Jio not rolled out its feature phone capable of 4G VoLTE, this scenario would otherwise have been 68%.

“In India, share of voice is still more almost 60–70% but we anticipate India to shift in a direction where voice makes only 30–40% of contribution, according to the international standards,” claimed Siddharth Thakkar, an industry analyst.

But to uphold a viable venture case in coming time where elevated data consumption can be provided to, Indian MNCs will be needed to have over 17–18% market stakes and will have to take down the price per GB to Rs 30–40 for the end user.

Apart from this, the operators will also require a huge amount of spectrum, comprising sub-GHz spectrum, in order to offer wide coverage as well as to backup the traffic at a huge scale, an industry report claimed. Also, to back the tariff slashing to Rs 50 per GB, telecom companies will require targeting 5GB per month usage of data per sub.

Additionally, the telecom companies will have to maintain a yearly opex of Rs 200–250 Billion and capex of Rs 65–75 Billion to take the entire price to almost Rs 300 Billion for business viability.