New Trend: Latest Google Specs

Latest Google SpecsThe Google is thinking to patent or registered the hologram for its latest spectacles pair which may help the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to connect with the real world. That can offer to experience the latest trend opportunity to the masses.

The latest Google eyewear is trying to prove its special feature i.e. it can connect and allow to react and interact beyond the scene of the projected object or content.

The Google specs offer the improved augmented reality images that glaze by the CGI. This spec is made up by using the head-mounted display technology. Thus, this research can take one step forward in the techno world.

The Magic Leap may make the hologram for the Google Specs. Since, the Magic Leap has worked for many trademarks. There is a possibility that Magic Leap may create hologram for Google latest trends.

This project is named as Aura and the project is being hired the new engineers, project managers and software developers from Amazon hardware research division.

Google is circulating these specs in the healthcare industry, energy based industry and the manufacturing industry for testing its functionality. Google hopes this specs may drive the market and take to the new destination.

As the Google has been withdrawing the eye wearable gadget at the beginning of this year, it is going to launch the new glass wear with its new feature soon as it gets prepared.