New AI camera algorithm designed for smartphones

Smartphones are a huge vogue among the people across the globe. The rate at which the global smartphone market is booming is due to the escalating technological advancement and rising adoption of the smartphone by the worldwide growing population. In order to meet the people’s demand, the manufacturers are nowadays trying to come up with the best of the features such as an improvised camera and high-end hardware.

Samsung, the South Korean giant, is using dual-pixel sensors developed by Sony for now. Similarly, OnePlus, Apple, Huawei, and others have introduced two sensors in their phones. Google, on the other hand, has developed stellar cameras for its Pixel smartphones. Thinking out of the box, Google along with researchers from MIT have created a new algorithm for the smartphone cameras. The tech-giant has set its eyes on including machine learning in its devices this year. The new software will help retouch the photos in the real time in consecution to capturing the images with precision and beauty. Though the concept of computational algorithm is not new its use by Google to run in real time, low power, and at low latency is surely worth the wait.

The researchers have made the needed necessary changes to the algorithm such that it adapts to the phone software and all the other added technologies. The algorithm has been trained using around 5000 retouched photos clicked by the professional photographers. This training helped the machine learning learn the needed improvements to make the photographs look appealing.

Even though the new technology isn’t new, it still can have a huge impact on the smartphone market in the near future. The inclusion of the DSLR camera kind of technology in the smartphone cameras will definitely bring out a meaningful change in the smartphone cameras. The research is still going on and more detailed studying is required. Looks like the smartphone makers have a lot they can add to their phone this year.

Let’s cross our fingers for the best of the artificial intelligence camera algorithm be launched as soon as possible.###