Mon. Dec 5th, 2022
A Lady Who Rules the Wheel on the Indian Roads—Chetna Nagesh Pandit

Who doesn’t love travelling? No matter by what mode you travel, it’s the travel expedition, which is the most famous hobby of the population. People do spend lots of time and money on expedition, that too if it is associated with two-wheelers wrapped with loads of baggage, flags, and indicators. Riders are like real voyagers with jacket, helmet, goggles, and sometimes with a Go-Pro to capture the thrilling experience in the beautiful environment.

A Lady Who Rules the Wheel on the Indian Roads—Chetna Nagesh Pandit

It was previously believed that bike riding is only meant for boys owing to heavy weight wheels, rough terrain, and low handling capabilities; but now the picture doesn’t remain same. It isn’t the case that the auto makers have reduced some metal from the wheels but the ladies have come up with a strong will power for riding bikes, that too in a professional way.

One of the ideal women from Mumbai, Chetna Nagesh Pandit, has come up with some real life road experience to train the bike riding enthusiasts, especially girls. Chetna, with her mastery in bike riding art, forced herself to expand it. She, after her loads of expedition in India, now plans to teach women how to acquire the supremacy over bike riding. 24-year-old Chetna works dedicatedly towards her passion and plays a crucial role in training the crew as a coach. She motivates women, irrespective of their age, to take on riding as a daily basis sport. Before getting into this, Chetna rendered around in the corporates for 3 consecutive years, and later this dynamic woman came to a conclusion to exit and focus on her passion of motorcycles.

Chetna said that one of my friend in the college days taught me how to ride a two-wheeler. In those days, the number of female bike riders was very low. She also confessed that she fell in love with the bikes when she actually rode one.

Chetna now has taken up motorcycling as a full time profession and also participated in the dirt track racing events. Many of the women trained under Chetna are thankful for making their experience thrilling and memorable.


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