Instagram Rolls Out ‘Archive’ Feature

Instagram Rolls Out ‘Archive’ Feature

Instagram, the Facebook-owned image sharing platform, has introduced out a new Archive feature for its Android and iOS based apps. It allows the users to conceal selected posts from their profile without removing them.

Instagram Rolls Out ‘Archive’ Feature

Utilizing the new choice, Instagramers can, for the time being, hide posted videos/pictures as of their Instagram profiles. In order to do so, they just have to tap on the menu option on a pic and they will see an Archive option. Once it is clicked, the video/photo will be transferred to the archive and will not be turned up on your profile. Users can locate the Archive icon adjacent to the Discover People option in their profile. Clicking on Archive will also permit the users to view each and every post that they have archived. Users will also be enable to select a video/photo that has been archived and share it on the profile over again.

Earlier this month, Instagram began introducing out a new upgrade for its Instagram Direct feature. The upgrade makes it simpler for users to insert a touch of visual effects to their chats with videos and photos. To get ongoing, users simply need to filch left to the Direct segment and click the Blue-colored icon of camera to take a vanishing video or photo. They could then click on the icon of arrow to drive it to a group or individual contacts. Users could also keep a trail of their message that their contacts have seen, utilizing notifications inside the thread. The vanishing conversations are highlighted blue in color and can be seen by clicking on them. For those who are not aware, Instagram Direct permits the users to swap threaded chats with one or more than one individuals. It also permits to share posts that they are able to see as a message in their feed.

Having said this, the new Archive feature can prove to be a boon for those users who want to hide their selected post from being viewed. Will this feature drive the popularity of the app? Comment your thoughts and let us know your suggestions.


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