Here After, Skype Supports Android Wear Smartwatches

People with android smart watches surely do have an edge over others with the introduction of Skype for android wearable gadgets. The recent edition of Skype that is the version 6.4 is readily available on the Google play store. Using this, your Skype app will function normally on your smart watch without the need of your Smartphone. skype-logo-open-graph

The Android wear device on your wrists will let you use all the features of the Skype app just like it’s on your smart phone. You can even reply to messages just by using your smart watch. For this, the commonly used responses may be termed useful or otherwise you can also easily make the best use of speech-to-text feature provided by Google.

Also, with the latest introduction of drawing an emoji as per your convenience, it has all added to the ease of usage for the user. When you receive a Skype call, you can easily connect to them by accepting or simply declining a call. There is also an extendable feature of Bluetooth enabling that helps you talk over a Skype call, just by using a headset or a Bluetooth speaker.

One tap on your smart watch is all you need to connect or disconnect to a call, and yes, it is as simple as that. You can also continue the conversation through your smart phone, if you are too tired of your wearable watch. This Android wear support several smart watches like the Huawei watch, Moto 360, Asus Zen watch etc. The OS (operating system) also comes with easy user interface and with all the required features like notifications and also an easy way to perform the primary tasks that a user might want on Skype. You can receive all the notifications on your smart watch and that saves your time considerably as you don’t have to sneak a peek at your Smartphone every now and then.