Google’s Chrome Will Now Filter Ads

Google’s Chrome Will Now Filter Ads

Various attempts are made by all the tech giants to give a clear content to the users on Internet. Google is also one of them. After going through appreciation on the assignment of “bothersome” advertisements on sites, the search engine giant Google is now moving ahead with its new ad-jamming plans and will insert a new feature to its Chrome browser that will jam ads, which do not meet up the standards presented by the company, a media report claimed.

“Google has established that it aims to put a new feature to its own web browser Chrome, which will jam particular kinds of ads from being viewed by users and in some instances could jam all the ads on the sites that do not meet up particular company standards,” the report further added.

Google’s Chrome Will Now Filter Ads

The firm stated that it wished to employ with publishers to assist them recognize what types of ads will be no longer adequate.

Chrome will now comprise of ad-blocking functions that are set on by default. Ads that meet definite bothersome criteria will not be viewed and if a site crosses a certain limit of inferior ads, users will not view any ads from that site, the report claimed.

Some of the ad kinds that will be jammed consist of videos that auto-play, pop-ups, and supposed “pre-stitial” ads that obliges users to sit in the course of a countdown before they can view the content on the page.

Since, many top publishers depend on some or all of these techniques to elevate ad income, Google will permit them to showcase users a message when their ads are jammed by third-party software.

The message will offer users the choice of either purchasing an ad-free subscription or pass of some type for that website or disabling their blocker, the report added.

In short, good time has come for those users who used to burst out with anger due to the time consuming unwanted ads. But now, the wait is over since Google has done the impossible. Users will thank Google for sure for this favor of getting rid of the ads.