Google Pixel 3 going to launch Andromeda OS in next year


Google’s is going to launch Andromeda OS is allegedly a combination of Android and Chrome slated for launch in Q3 2017

Google is planning to reveal some grand hardware in its October 4 ‘Made by Google’ event. The company is allegedly preparing for two new smartphones are 4K Chromecast, a home WiFi router dubbed Google WiFi. These smartphones make its first appearance on October 4.

Google, has been long rumoured to be working on merging core assets of It has been long rumor about Google its working to merge core assets of Android and Chrome for a unified OS experience. Microsoft come with a policy with Windows 10 and Apple’s macOS on desktop and iOS on mobile share lo of stability features and now Google is looking forward to merge Chrome and Android codenamed ‘Andromeda’.

Google is testing Andromeda on an ultra-thin laptop known internally as Bison, according to Android Police. Sundar Pichai became Google CEO since then he is continuously talking about efforts they have taken to bring Android features like Google Play Store to Chrome OS and the new initiative to merge both the OS seems applicable. Android policy alleged that it will support Android but not Chrome OS result of two platforms merged. The Android policy reported that the new OS will be more than running Android apps on Chromebooks.

Bison is ultra-thin convertible laptop like Lenovo’s Yoga series. The model having display 12-3-inch and it is powered by the Core m series processor of Intel. Intel has kept only m7 in the offering and expecting processer will be promoting from core m to core i. The device will come with 32 or 128GB storage and two variants offering 8 or 16GB RAM.

Android Police notes, Google’s Bison features a backlit keyboard and glass trackpad with force detection are similar to Apple’s latest MacBook. Google is focusing to make device with less than 10 mm thick, which is challenge to every tablet in the market. Google is planning to launch this device in Q3 2017.

It’s a secret that Google will reveal Andromeda on October 4 but it could promote OS before revealing it company’s annual developer conference. On other Android will show all ire on the Goggle’s event. The Andromeda could shape up to the future of Google-branded operating system.###