Facebook’s Safety Check Feature Has a New Fundraising Option Added

Facebook’s Safety Check Feature Has a New Fundraising Option Added

Facebook Inc is one of the top social media companies all across the globe. It is currently looking forward to top the chart in terms of public review as well as advancement. In order to get the public eye candy position, it has been adding a number of new features to the platform.

Looking at the increasing need for money among the people, Facebook has decided to raise funds so as to help those who are affected by natural calamities, violent attacks, or certain diseases through the social platform. The use of social media to raise funds seems a lot easier task compared to the others. However, everything has its pros and cons. Facebook had earlier launched a feature called the Safety Check in order to raise as well as donate money for the U.S. users so as to make the process of helping the victims quicker and easier.

Facebook’s Safety Check Feature Has a New Fundraising Option Added

For encouraging people to believe that the Safety Check feature is real the Facebook users can send notifications to their friends. The Safety Check feature came into being after the nightclub incident in Orlando where 49 people were killed by a gunman. It was firstly used in the U.S. before getting publicized.

For adding another star to the Facebook platform the fundraising tool will be added to the Safety Check in the coming weeks that too in the U.S. only for now. But after the London bridge attack, Facebook Inc. has activated its Safety Check feature for the London users. After the attack, around 1.94 Billion users all around the world have activated and updated their accounts.

The users have a number of people wanting to reach out to the victims through the social media platform. It has proved to be an essential tool in cases of the terrorists’ attacks or natural disasters. The Community Help feature on Facebook also helps the affected people locate their near and dear ones for providing assistance. Facebook is currently planning to extend the feature for the desktop users.

The U.S. users can soon help their people come out of the various situations easily using the fundraising and Community Help features.