Trump Risks Wider Syria War by Keeping U.S. Focus On Islamic State

Trump Risks Wider Syria War by Keeping U.S. Focus On Islamic State

The President of the U.S., Donald Trump, has structured stepped-up military operations in opposition to Islamic State and handed over more authorization to his generals; but with no complete strategy for Syria, his method risks further altercation with Iran, Syria, and even Russia, as per the U.S. analysts and officials.

While the shooting down of a Syrian jet by the U.S. military this week was an uncommonness in modern fighting, the first in 18 years, it was not an out-of-the-way incident.

Trump Risks Wider Syria War by Keeping U.S. Focus On Islamic State

The U.S. has taken a sequence of actions over the last 3 months representing its readiness to perform strikes, typically in self-defense, in opposition to the Syrian government backers and their forces, counting Iran.

In April 2017, Trump structured strikes of cruise missile in opposition to a Syrian airfield from which a lethal chemical weapons assault was rolled out. Since then, the U.S. has frequently smacked Iranian-supported militia. Last week, the U.S took down a drone bullying the U.S.-led alliance forces.

These cases, on the other hand, are planned, not part of any U.S. plan in Syria, expert claimed.

Both the management of Barack Obama, the former President of the U.S., and Trump’s have aimed completely on beating Islamic State, but with the self-proclaimed caliphate reduction of the militants, the U.S.-supported and Syrian-supported forces seem to be challenging each other for territory.

“There is not an over-arching U.S. plan heading this,” said Middle East Institute’s Charles Lister. “This is just the outcome of planned conclusions on the ground by a commander whose only aim is a particular theater in Syria. He is reacting to defend his assets. This is merely a sequence of tactical choices that are making a sequence of very grave strategic outcomes.”

Iran and Russia both backed Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, in civil war of Syria. The larger issue, the analysts and officials said, is that Trump and his national safety squad have not made a long-term political plan for future of the Syria.

Similar to Obama, Trump has targeted on Islamic State, leaving behind the query of region’s mangled alliances and Assad’s fate.

Only God can decide the fate of Syria.