Facebook’s New Terragraph Technology: Raise Internet Connectivity in Urban Areas

Facebook’s New Terragraph Technology

Facebook’s New Terragraph Technology

Facebook introduced new land-based systems to offer connectivity to people in urban areas. The social network to make internet connectivity more broadly existing around the world

Facebook co-founder and Chief Mark Zuckerberg said, “We are really going at this problem from every possible angle”. The technology integrates attributes and industrial design required for effective and affordable deployment across cityscapes. This technology reduced interference and ability to operate in of sight conditions increases customer reach.

Terragraph nodes mounted outside on big buildings and connected to internet connections inside. Terragraph has tested at the Facebook campus in Silicon Valley and will soon start a broader trial in the nearby California city of San Jose.

Choubey and Panah said, “We are interested in developing this technology to harness the incredible achieve in providing communications to rural communities from city centers”.