Adolescence With The Sleeping Problem More Frequently Get Dangerous Risks


The government researches provide the result about the higher secondary students and teens who can get a little sleep or more time sleep or drunk and drive cause more risk to these people. The scientist and some of the researchers said, they don’t know the sleeping can cause this type of dangerous issues and some of the problems in young people. This can cause depression and tiredness to the people. Normally the sleeping can cause the depression and drunk and drive can cause injury and risk. This can be considerable problems and also for the dangerous problems.

The researches told, Usually, the students can sleep for five to six hours only. Most of the person drink and drive in the night time. The babies sleep 10 hours in a day. Some of the people can take over sleep at the morning time and also for the night time. This can be the complicate problems to send awareness to the people and also to take steps about this problem.  CDC released in the study on Thursday based on the high school, paper, pencil, anonymous surveys more than the fifty thousand higher secondary school students can conduct the national level, in the years 2007 and 2019 and 2011 and 2013. The lack of the sleep is the common problem for all the type of people. The more time of sleep is the rare case in this period.

The sense of the 100 schools there are 695 of the students cannot get the sufficient sleep. The Less percentage of the students get more sleep at the night time. The too much of sleeping is not occurred for all the people. The 10 to 20% of the people can get more sleep at the night and morning time. The lack of sleep can cause accidents, car crashes and some of the type of problems. The government can take several activities and control measures to avoid this type of problems. This can conduct the programs in the school to get proper sleeping at the night time. The government also to get awareness about to wear helmets, don’t text while driving, fast drive and avoid drunk and drive. Most of the doctors offer good sleep is good for health. The students and other people to make the schedule the schedule this will help to get the perfect sleep.