Facebook unfolds a new video streaming service

The social media giants are currently the hot topic of the town owing to their upcoming latest features. Facebook is again in the news for its new video streaming tab. The new tab is surely going to try to win against some of the very popular video streaming networks including YouTube and TV networks. Facebook’s leap into the video world is surely a strategy to attract as many users as possible in the coming years.

It just wants to enhance its business along with its users streaming experience. The new tab named “Watch” will have a range of shows funded by the social network shown. The tab will be personalized so that the users can hunt down new shows based on what their friends are watching. Not only watching but also commenting and connecting with friends and dedicated communities for shows is possible. The viewers can watch the shows by being active. In short, the viewers can share their experiences and also connect to people who care about the same thing.

Though the video access has been made available on the social media since a long time it only showcased proletarian clips or small segments of the news organizations. But right now, the social media giant plans to take a step forward. The idea of adding the video tab is to encourage the production of the original contents. Facebook and the program makers are surely going to strengthen their bond as well as revenue through Watch. Through Watch the user will be forced to see some targeted advertisement before and during the show.

Facebook’s decision of entering the world of video streaming is something to look forward to. This crowded market comprising of the online services and TV networks is surely not going to create a bed of roses for Facebook’s Watch. Another venture, Disney has also taken the decision of freeing itself from Netflix and creating its own direct-to-consumer streaming video services by 2019.

Facebook has a number of contents lined up including sport-related ESPN streaming service, Women’s basketball, parenting shows, a safari show from National Geographic, and Major League Baseball. Even the news agencies including BuzzFeed, Group Nine Media, Vox Media, and others will also be producing shows for Watch. It will first be released in the U.S. followed by other regions. So let’s wait till it unveils.###