Alibaba’s Data Platform to Unlock Doors to More Income

Alibaba’s Data Platform to Unlock Doors to More Income

Alibaba, the online commerce major whose headquarter is located in China, is looking to control information from its various users. This include Paytm, its India investee firm, to unlock new income channels.

The firm that lately rolled out Uni Marketing, its information-driven platform for mobile ad placement, had declared a joint venture with Publicis Groupe, the advertising giant of France. Chris Tung, the Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba, claimed that the company will collaborate with 2 more companies to take the program worldwide.

Alibaba’s Data Platform to Unlock Doors to More Income

“Our information is combined that of Facebook and Amazon. The new goods have Uni Desk at its base. As of now, we are present only in China industry but the similar platform can be rolled out in South East Asia if Lazada performs well. With Paytm, we are present in India. We have worldwide plans for it,” claimed Tung top the media at the Taobao-maker festival, which displays particular vendors from customer-to-customer industry.

The festival also displayed a model of Taocafe, a walk-in store inspired from the idea of Amazon Go. It does not need human communication to purchase products. In-store goods can be purchased via Alipay and the face-detection technology links user data at the store with the account.

“We are not in the trade of restaurants. Offline ventures is no more exciting. We will like to make it exciting by enabling retail partners and connecting our data through this. Retail can perform better with the help of our information platform. Most of the business leaders in retail have by now commenced to engage in China with us,” clamed Tung. The decision will allow omni-channel experience and carry smaller businesses on information platform of Alibaba. The firm also displayed Tmall Genie, its Amazon Echo competitor, which will be launched in the China market on August 8.

Well, Alibaba is the leading company in China. And with the current plans that it has for the development of the company in the future, it will surely be successful and be on the top position soon. For now, all eyes in the world are set on the data platform the company.