An App for Nature lovers

As the country is developing, nature is dropping its heads on the parallel end. The metro phase 2, which has been initiated, will soon lead to the cleanup of 190 trees. Even though the metro phase 2 is beneficial to everyone in one or the other way, chopping down of trees is not. This was seen by Shyam Sridhar, a student from class 10. He felt this as a matter of concern. So he started brain storming and finding a solution.

This resulted in the invention of a new app—Treebook. Shyam though that this app will be a platform for the people to come together and help develop the country along with saving the environment. What exactly this app does?

Well, Shyam, who studies in Sri Kumaran Public School, developed this app as his school project. This app has a WhatsApp-like interface. Drive organizers, who will conduct tree plantation drives, will broadcast the message on the App. By reading this message, interested people will volunteer and will participate in the drive.

Shyam mentioned that this was a perfect opportunity for him. People all over the world coming together to save the environment is the dream of this 16-year old boy. The only problem with the app for now is—the app does not have a centralized system for storage of data and information. Hence, locations of the drives are not supplied to the interested public and therefore, they fail to come.

Well, we guess that this problem of the app will be solved in the near future soon. The dream that this boy has in his mind is worth Million Dollars.###