Paytm Brings Back App on Apple store

For those who are not aware of the current situation, iPhone users have been reporting issues while making a payment form Paytm. “Technical” error is the so-called reason behind this issue. The users used to see the following message when they attempted to make a transaction—We are facing some technical issues. We will have it resolved shortly so please try again after some time.

But now, the iPhone users have good news. The issue for the Paytm app has been resolved and the updated app has been uploaded on Apple store. The company claims that it had fixed a critical bug which was more time consuming. The company also mentions that the developers worked day and night with great efforts to fix this bug.

But, interestingly the fix was rolled out immediately a day after the bug was discovered. The company posted on its blog as—Today we discovered a virus in our App on iOS platform where various app users were not capable to reimburse thereby, disrupting their app. Soon the system threw away the users facing problems avoiding them from future admission to their account.

Well, even though the firm has fixed the bug, it is likely that the users are still in doubt. What if the new solution has created a new bug and still undetected? What do you think? Comment your thoughts regarding this bug fix. Share your experience while using this app. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Also let us know if you find any other bug.###