An App to Jog Your Memory

An App to Jog Your Memory

People may be forgetful. Somebody does not forget things purposefully. In order to remember things, our ancestors did come up with some tricks to remember. They used to tie a small string or thread around their finger. This signified that they had something to do. Hence they would not forget the thing. But, this method has a drawback. People were so forgetful that they used to forget why they had tied the string at the first instance. Funny!!!

An App to Jog Your Memory

But today is an era of modern science and technology where everything works on smartphones and apps. One such app for you memory to remember is—Don’t Leave It!

The ‘Don’t Leave It’ app is well organized and can remind you of every possible thing that you can forget. The app has list of 80 items. These items are those things that are most commonly not remembered to people. The app also lets you add your own items, thus making the item a unique one. This results in creating your own customized list of items.

In addition, the app creates a virtual perimeter around the items that are in the list. If you move away 60 to 120 yards from the items that you have listed, the apps send you an alert immediately.

So friends, of you have any body that is forgetful or if you are forgetful enough to rate yourself 10 in this category, then please do try this app. Do let us know if the app was helpful to you or not.


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