A Wearable Device Introduced For Babies In The Mother’s Womb

A Wearable Device Introduced For Babies In The Mother’s Womb

Giving birth to a child is definitely not an easy task but it gives a wonderful feeling, especially to the lady carrying the baby for nine months. There are various traditional methods developed to identify the health of the baby, but those all procedures need a doc analysis.

A Wearable Device Introduced For Babies In The Mother’s Womb
A startup named as Bloomlife took part in CES and came up with a wearable device that can be used while pregnancy in the third month or more. The device is first of its kind as a pregnancy wearable.

So, for the dummies who might be thinking how the baby can wear the device in the womb—the device is intended to be worn in the third month of the pregnancy on the mother’s stomach near the umbilicus (Belly Button).The wearable then gets attached to the baby indirectly and uses the electrical sensors to fetch signals that identify the contraction from uterine muscle.

The concept is to monitor the contractions and save the data in an integrated app built in iOS and Android. The frequency of the contraction is recorded in the form of a graph that is generated in the app based on the signals received by the device.

The device also helps the mothers and family members to analyze the labor period initiation. However, the developers also know that the device is not a type of constant use product, and hence no one buys products that have limited use. Based on marketing fundamentals, the firm has given out an option to lease the product based on the months starting from $150 to $300.

Hence, the firm has been trying to get the FDA approval to bring out some more such monitoring devices to ease the pregnancy and to identify the complications during the overall maternity period.


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