Volkawagen seems not interested to sell their any brand


FRANKFURT: Volkswagen is not looking for sell of its any brand or generates revenue. The company is getting fight against emissions scandal, Hans Dieter Poetsch, supervisory board Chairman of the Volkswagen told to German daily Boersen-Zeitung.

Poetsch was taking in the interview published on Friday, the Volkswagen group is enough strong financially and have many other options of finance.

He said, “Without any unexpected measure or capital gain, we just think not to sell any of parts of our brand”

Volkswagen has to pay 17.8 billion euros ($19.8 billion) as cost in the global emissions cheating scandal. The company has some civil litigation and potential fines from government regulators in the EU and other markets.

Poetsch is not expecting further provisions to be needed.

He told Boersen-Zeitung, “Items are show in the provisions till now. From today’s point of view, that is vigorous,”