Volcano is with a wireless hot spot


An energy company, an explorer and the local government are coming together to install a network of around 80 Wi-Fi sensors inside the Masaya volcano, Nicaragua. The idea is to create an early warning.

Located just outside of Nicaragua’s capital city Managua, the active volcano is a test case for other early detection systems. Each sensor will gather environmental information from 1,200 feet inside the volcano. They’ll record gas levels, temperature, gravity and atmospheric pressure data.

An experienced volcano explorer named Sam Cossman is leading the expedition with a team that includes a drone pilot, riggers, and a former astronaut. Cossman and his crew will don special heat-resistant suits and descend into Masaya to install the sensors over the next few weeks.

All the data will be collected in Predix, General Electric’s (GE) open-source database. The project is being documented and publicized on social media. Images and videos, many shot with drones, will be shared on Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. Armchair volcanologists can watch live Facebook videos of the team installing the sensors inside the volcano.

More than entertainment, the project could help create a system to protect volcano-adjacent communities everywhere.###