Voice command helps Google Assistant take screenshots

Google is currently similar to the hot erupting lava in town as it has a number of technological advancements being made this year. The tech-giant is planning to succeed skyscraper high in the coming years. It has a number of unique technologies being developed in order to carve out a name in the history of technology.

Currently, the company has added an extra advantage to the Google Assistant so as to enhance its features. The device will be designed such that it will be enabled to take screenshots by just giving voice commands. Something amazing, right! Just think about giving a command “OK Google, take a screenshot” and the Assistant will abide the given command. There is also another option of typing down the command so as to be executed by the device.

After being commanded, the Google Assistant will guide the user to tap on the screen in order to confirm the screenshots to be taken. Once the user taps the display screen, then the screenshots to be taken is also shown on the screen before being confirmed. The purpose for including the new feature is something difficult to determine. Even though the inclusion of the voice command may seem to make the work look spontaneous it is still tedious in comparison to the use of the shortcuts built in the screenshots.

“How can the screenshots be taken?” is something baffling. It is all simple as all that you got to do is hold the power and volume down buttons together. However, there are some manufacturers who prepare to change the shortcuts as well. Looking at the number of phones being launched with Android Nougat, the users purchasing the Google Assistant have also escalated to a large extent this year.

Google Assistant has a number of other features including sending text messages, telling jokes, making calls, and more along with the current new screenshot feature. The Google’s Assistant is one of the commonly purchased voice assistants today. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are trying to give Google’s Google Assistant a tough competition. But, still, the tech-giant seems to stand out with its unique and high-end devices. Recently, even Amazon and Microsoft have planned to associate Cortana and Alexa to work together on a similar device.###