The Man Grabbed the Woman Falling From a Skyscraper

Man Grabbed the Woman Falling From a Skyscraper

A woman who fell from the eleventh floor of a skyscraper, he tried to rescue a man named Feng Ning. A young Chinese man stood under a skyscraper and a woman he fell straight into his arms. Despite his efforts but did not survive the crash, reported Reuters.

The accident happened last week in the Chinese city of En-Shi in Hubei Province. The young man just returning from a restaurant nearby when he saw a woman hanging from a window on the eleventh floor of a skyscraper.

“I ran toward the building, but before I managed to run up and help her be dropped. So I decided to catch it. I did not know what happens then, “said Feng.

The woman fell into the arms of the young man, the impact was too strong and fall almost not be damped. The man, who was taken to hospital, suffered a broken leg and injured ligaments in the knee. The woman survived the fall.

“I do not regret it. It is a pity that I could save her, “said Feng.###