Taste of India this Independence Day

It is India’s 70th Independence Day and we can celebrate this milestone by preparing varied tastes of the nation. This diverse democratic country is trying to bring back the oldest of the famous dishes back to life by adding in some new taste to it. Use August 15, 2017, to quench your taste buds. Some of the easy-to-make recipes with a slight twist and cheat your diet goals are listed below:

Trio of Panna Cotta

Chef Elangovan from Vivanta has planned to bring the Italian dessert to India. This has been modernized by using vanilla, saffron, and flavors of khus along with a set of cream to make the perfect delicacy this Independence Day.

Chocolate Dome

Chef Elangovan has brought in a modern twist by adding green cardamom ganache and stuffing the chocolate dome with stuffed Apricot cream.

Mazedaar masala munch chaat

Kurkure, a subsidiary of Pepsico, has given out the ways of bringing a twist to the dish by adding in bell peppers, sweet corns, onion, and rice crispies. Additionally, a regional twist to the mazedaar masala munch chaat can be brought like this.

Eastern region—Bengal: Take some tips from Jhal Muri that is a one teaspoon of chaat masala, finely chopped coriander, salt, and one teaspoon of Jeera powder to bring a Bengali spicy twist to the snack.

Western region—Gujarat/Maharashtra: An inspiration from the Sev Puri Dahi Puri that is golgappas filled with sweet tamarind and dates chutney, imli chutney, lemon juice, jeera powder, cumin powder, red chili garlic chutney, and mint coriander chutney can bring in a contemporary twist to the favorite.

Southern region: Addition of a crunch of grated coconut and some mustard seeds can bring in tanginess to the snacks.

Northern region: Blending in channe, ginger, black salt, coriander powder, and cucumber with the snack along with a hot cup of tea is an amazing twist.

All these dishes are surely going to be “finger licking good” is what Chef Elangovan has to say. So better get ready this Independence Day to give your taste buds an overall journey of India in terms of food.###