SOS Alerts added by Google in its Maps and Search results

In a bid to assist its users to get emergency data about terrorism, natural calamities, and other disasters, Google is initiating SOS Alerts service. The data will be broadcast under the Maps and Search products of Google. Searches for related terms such as the event’s name or location will display an SOS Alert that gives a timely outline of the circumstances, with added features such as donation prospects and so on.

Google said, “During a disaster, people would require real-time data. Whether they are experiencing a problem on the ground or seeking to comprehend the condition from far afield, we want our solutions to offer individuals rapid access to significant data—such as what is happening and where it is occurring—to assist them to stay up-to-date and safe.”

Within the SOS Alerts, authoritative and relevant data will be provided by Google from the social media, web, and several other solutions from Waze, Google News, and more. The type of content you may receive in the Search results will be based on the distance from the incident location.

Searches nearby to the emergency circumstances will find data such as directions to help & emergency numbers, where those searching from somewhere else will see updates from emergency telephone numbers, news articles, authorities, and other beneficial data in one place.

The feature will assist the users to rapidly decide what should be done during a calamity. SOS Alerts can also be seen on the mobile version of Google Maps. For instance, if someone is using Google Maps, they can see the SOS Alerts on the map itself if there are active alerts in their region or the area they are viewing. Simply click on the icon to receive more details about the disaster, such as useful websites and phone numbers. It will also comprise instantaneous updates, such as road closures and transit & traffic updates.

The tech giant simultaneously has also started functioning closely with government agencies and organizations that are on the forefront of relief efforts, comprising the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration, & others.###