Snapdeal Releases ‘Janus’, an Omni-Channel Platform for Brands

snapdeal Janus Omni-Channel Platform

India’s leading e-commerce portal or online marketplace Snapdeal has launched a new platform ‘Janus’, which is an Omni-channel platform for brands. The platform coordinates offline and online retail channels to render a consistent shopping experience to their respective customers.

snapdeal Janus Omni-Channel Platform
Besides offering the availability of online discovery and ordering, the platform will also allow its customers to access value added & expert services as a part of their purchase including demonstration, installation and activation or returns at a store near them.

At the launching event, Co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal, Kunal Bahl said,” We are thrilled to be the first online marketplace to launch an combined omni-channel platform, opening a new chapter in enabling the success of retailers and brands in India. Our teams have worked tirelessly to build a seamless omni-channel platform which we call ‘Janus’, referring to the Roman God of beginnings, transitions, gates, doors and doorways, demonstrating that both channels can act as gateways to each other.”

He also said that,” This platform will blur the lines between offline and online retail, demonstrating that both channels can act as gateways to each other”.

For this invention of Janus, Snapdeal has participated with leading brands, large format retailers, small businesses and technology startups; some of them include The Mobile Store (TMS) for mobile phones, Michelin for automobile tyres, Luminous for inverters and batteries, etc.

This will be very beneficial for all Snapdeal users to get product delivery faster.