A smartwatch that can help you get thing rights

Smart watches are a fashion statement today. Along with its classy look, smartwatches also perform a number of essential tasks. The desire for more technology-based devices is what has brought the concept of smartwatches to life. People desired it and the watch manufacturers along with their researchers gave it.

This latest wearable device called the “Ticwatch 2” is very trendy and a flawless watch one has ever seen before. The smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It has many features packed inside it that you may not know at the very first instance. This eye-catching device has a sports app to help you reach your fitness goals and a call and message alert feature to let you hold a tight grip on things to be done without missing it during the course of the day.

The latest digital trend Ticwatch 2 is an eye candy you don’t want to be missing. This technology is like a breath of fresh air. This intuitive and easy-on-the-eyes device is something we have been waiting for since a decade.

Inside the smartwatch, there are striking features such as a 300 mAh battery, which can last for up to 2 days, an 80 Minute wireless charging capability, accelerometer, dynamic heart rate sensor, GPS, and a gyro meter. The watch has a case of about 44 mm in diameter and 11.95 mm in thickness that helps repel water. In short, the wearable device has an IP65 water resistant rating. This watch can be used as a sports watch due to its 20mm thick rubber bands. This water-resistant wearable device is a perfect option when hitting the gym or playing any sports as you tend to sweat more.

But what is so special about this watch? Is it its ultra-smooth style that is eye catching or its amazing features? That’s something for you to decide. The price tag of about $199.99 is something not too expensive. But even if you think it is, then there is currently a special promotion offer going on that lets you have it at just $169.99.

No other watch can provide you with all this features. So add it to your treasure of accessories as soon as possible.###