Wed. Nov 30th, 2022
Serve the Others This Christmas

Serve the Others This Christmas

Christmas is the season of joy. So why enjoy it alone? You can help other people who are in need and cannot afford to celebrate Christmas. You can also donate from your side as a token of love, respect, and humanity. Here is the list of things that can help you do good deeds.

  1. Donate some cookies to workers at a police station or fire station.
  2. Gather some money to help a friend and visit him for Christmas.
  3. Post Christmas cards to the militaries working overseas.
  4. Prepare a delicious meal. Then visit an elderly friend or relative with the meal. Spend some time together.
  5. Gift your neighbors.
  6. Leave a Christmas card for the mail carrier in your mailbox.
  7. Arrange a Christmas dinner at church for the widowers and widows.
  8. Volunteer to babysit for a couple who have small children. Let them have a chance to go out on a date.
  9. Donate your old clothes to a local shelter.
  10. If you are a good reader and have lots of books in your library, donate some of them to the local library.

Christmas is not just about celebrating alone or with the family. It is also a season of helping those in need and spreading happiness. Help the poor. They too have the right to celebrate Christmas. Hope you will help them. Share the joy to double its power, for the world will remember you for the good deeds that you have done.

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