Facebook reports another measurement error

With the roll out of recent update by the social media giant Facebook, a new bug was introduced. Old post from the users account was posted on their timeline automatically. This was a huge bug. Facebook recently gave a solution to this bug. But this was not the end. With a mindset that everything is under control, Facebook was having a relaxed time. A new bug was just discovered by the firm.

The company said that it had discovered an error for the total views of the published content on iPhone by many users. This content was published by using the Instant Article feature. The error is said to be occurred between September 20, 2016 and November 30, 2016.

Users, or rather publishers, with the help of the ads on their published content make money.

On Friday, the company mentioned that a recent update caused this issue, thus affecting the publishers. The update was supposed to remove the previous bug of automatically posting on timeline, which it did. On the other hand, the updates lead to the generation of a new error in its measurement metrics.

A huge relief was felt when the company confirmed that traffic numbers for the Android users as well as iPad users were intact and not affected.

The company has asked for forgiveness for the current situation. It apologized for the way the things are going on. The company also claimed that the issue is fixed and it will soon roll out an update in the market. The new issue is likely to solve the problem as well as calculate the max number of audience that views the content and the ads.

Well, we can just hope that the issue will be actually resolved with no new error.###