Samsung ready to unveil Bixby-based Bluetooth earphones

Samsung has plans to come up with a new wireless earphone that will be powered by the Bixby voice assistant. This new earphone will supposedly beat Appleā€™s AirPods that is integrated with Siri. Samsung along with the other Korean partners plans to launch the new earphones alongside the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, 2017. The manufacturing process of the product has already begun.
This new product has been developed so as to enhance the functionality purpose of Bixby. The new wireless earphones will improve the access to more of voice input and in turn boost the functionality of the voice assistant. The Bluetooth-enabled earphones have AI assistant integrated into it. There is also a noise cancellation technology installed in it.

Bixby is currently holding a tight competition against the other AI assistants including Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Though the Bixby has been launched in the U.S. it has a certain limitation when it comes to the English language. The company has Bixby-powered connected speaker and others developed so as to help carve out a name in the market.
The South Korean technology giant basically wants Bluetooth earsets that are powered by the Bixby to help improve the smartphone utilization level. The convenience level of using the device is eased. Thus, looks like Amazon, Google, and Apple have to stay alert and enhance their marketing skills so as to stay on the top.
The basic reason behind introducing the Bluetooth earphones is to cut down the background noise. The earsets will let the user give commands and receive accurate answers from the Bixby even if they are not anywhere close by the smartphones. The smartphones are surely going to benefit from the launch of earsets. However, whether it will be launched along with Galaxy Note 8 or be sold as a separate accessory has to still be confirmed officially by the company.
After commercializing, the Bixby-powered Bluetooth earphones are surely going to stir the global smartphone accessory market. So all that we can do now is just wait and see when the product hits the market.###