Tue. Aug 16th, 2022
Project Zero Monitor 2.0 (Omron): Wristwatch That Measures Blood Pressure

The Omron, a trusted brand in the consumer blood pressure cuffs for years, publicized that it has a technique modernized to monitor blood pressure, that is, “Project Zero monitor 2.0”. It measures the blood pressure in a different direction by wearing it on a wrist rather than using a ubiquitous inflatable hand cuff. This technology minimizes the use of inter-arterial catheter, electronic blood pressure cuff or sphygmomanometer. The companies have being trying to develop invasive methods for the blood pressure measurement depending on the transit time of the pulse. The technology to measure blood pressure has changed over the years.

Project Zero Monitor 2.0 (Omron): Wristwatch That Measures Blood Pressure

According to Randy Kellogg, Chief Operating Officer of Omron Health, the company, in spite of the advancement in technology, has still stuck to the old inflatable cuff method, as it is a clinically approved and accurate reading method. The blood pressure monitoring can be done overnight as well as full day using the Project Zero 2.0 watch. The clinically validated health device can sleep track, step count as well as sync to iOS or Android devices making the sending of data to the physicians or tracking of trends easier. This next-generation prototype has steel micro-threads in the wristband for guaranteed accurate readings and a new inflatable sensing cuff system. The new-version watch is stylish and modernized due to the improved makeover, thinner and lighter body.

The Project Zero 2.0 development is still on, and in the mean time, the first version “HeartVue” will be made available to the public.

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