Is Your Phone Tough Enough? Let’s Check Its IP Number

Is Your Phone Tough Enough? Let’s Check Its IP Number

Smartphone is the new gadget which has taken everyone off their feet. Who couldn’t love owning a robust smartphone? Looking at the public’s knowledge related to the phones, its quality has made the smartphone manufacturers think about the minutest of the features added to the phone. The smartphone companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, and others are continuously in the process of launching a number of phones every month due to the rising demand for more advanced and feature-laden phones among the masses around the globe. But there’s one thing, as the features increase the price tag of the phone gets higher.

Is Your Phone Tough Enough? Let’s Check Its IP Number

How could you know whether your phone is robust? It is a question which not everyone will understand. Surprise! For people who have no idea about the IP number. The IP number is just a way of certifying the phone after it has cleared the tests to prove its durability, resistance, and quality. So guys, take out your phone to check this number out. This can help you know whether you have been cheated owing to the number of phones being launched into the market by a number of manufacturers.

More and more smartphone devices are being advertised saying they are rugged, robust, and built for outdoor use. The next question that arises in your mind—is it waterproof also? However, that’s not true. Hence, keeping a check on the technical information provided on the phone is a must before purchasing it. Users! Check the details before you have phone dropped into the water or thrown on the floor.

IP protection class is something which the manufacturer companies have to clear to get their phones certified before its launch into the market. The standards are used to measure the phone’s ability to stand dust, water, or breakage. Some of the known IP protection classes include:

  • IP54: This means the phone’s protection standard against dust particles or foreign bodies and also against water splash from any direction is good.
  • IP67: The phones of this class are not only dustproof but also can be immersed a meter deep into the water for at least half an hour.
  • IP68: This is the latest IP protection class followed by some of the leading smartphone manufacturers.

It is thus very clear that the higher the numbers, the better the protection level of the smartphones.