Every Joke Falls In One of 11 Categories

Every Joke Falls In One of 11 Categories

Jokes!!! Can you define a joke? Well, a joke can be termed as nothing but those things which are said for the sole purpose of amusement or laughter. On an average, everybody hears at least one joke in a day. But do you know that there are categories for every joke that is exists. Let us have a look at them.

Every Joke Falls In One of 11 Categories

  1. Irony

Intended meaning is opposite of literal meaning. The expression of one’s meaning by utilizing language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

  1. Character

Comedic character acting on personality traits! These types of jokes are performed by mimicking of characters that are comedy enough even they do normal stuff.

  1. Reference

Common experiences that audiences can relate to; this type of comedy is enjoyed by the audience as they relate to the situation or thing that is being spoken about. The main reason as to why audience enjoys this type of comedy is because they too have been in same situation.

  1. Shock

Surprising jokes typically involving sex, drugs, gross-out humor, swearing; these mainly consist of adult jokes that are not safe for work. They are surprising since it takes time for the human brain to process the joke which we normally tend to avoid.

  1. Parody

Mimic a character, trope, genre with deliberate exaggeration; this includes over-doing of characteristic of a certain character which results in laughter.

  1. Hyperbole

Exaggeration to silly extremes; this is typically lack of common sense in normal tasks that results in comedy.

  1. Wordplay

Puns, rhymes, double entendres, etc.; it includes playing with the words especially with those creating double meanings.

  1. Analogy

Comparing two disparate things

  1. Madcap

Crazy, wacky, silly, nonsensical; doing random insane stuff that cannot be observed in normal people.

  1. Meta-humor

Jokes about jokes, or about the idea of comedy; includes mostly sarcasm.

  1. Misplaced Focus

Attention is focused on the wrong thing thereby creating laughter.

So friends, hope you have now started realizing the category of joke that you have laughed on recently. Anyways, hence forward do not start categorizing the joke, instead laugh aloud and enjoy.