Asus Rolls Most Powerful Gaming Laptop

Asus Rolls Most Powerful Gaming Laptop

Asus, the Chinese manufacturing company has rolled out a laptop that it believes is the most influential gaming laptop in the world so far. The company launched its ROG GX800 gaming laptop today. The laptop is associated with a price tag of Rs 797,990 and is available on all the company’s offline and online store.

Asus Rolls Most Powerful Gaming Laptop

Those who are interested can visit the Indian website of the company for more details. The Chinese tech giant initially introduced the device in November 2016.

The company believes that the module cools the system when tremendous over clocking of the graphics cards and CPU occurs. The coolant is circulated and pumped in the region of the GPUs and CPU sooner than it returns to the module of cooling, where 2 radiators assist to disperse heat.

Fueled by 7th-gen Core i7 CPU of Intel, the GX800 can provide stutter-free as well as smooth VR visuals at rate of 90fps and is VR-ready. The VR abilities are controlled by G-Sync technique of NVIDIA. It is also declared to be the first gaming laptop in the world to offer Ultra HD 4K resolution game play. Asus ROG GX800 offers Hydro Overclocking System liquid-cooling module along with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics.

The ROG GX800 has a Mechanical Tactile Advanced Gaming keyboard coupled with ROG Aura RGB LED effects that are programmable for each keys. The powerful device has a pair of adapter worth 330W of power. Having Windows 10, the laptop holds an HD camera, along with 64GB of RAM.

In the section of connectivity, the Asus ROG Gx800 features headphone jack (1), microphone jack (1), USB 3.0 (3), USB Type-C (1), SD Card reader (1), HDMI (1), Ethernet (1), and mini Display (1). Adding more to the list, the standard Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi are present too. The laptop is powered by a battery worth of 76Wh power.

Asus also launched its ZenBook UX330 with a price tag of Rs 76,990. The UX330 comes in 2 color variants—Quartz Gray and Rose Gold. This device too is available on companies all offline and online stores. On a concluding note, the ROG GX800 gaming laptop is worth a trial.