New Direct Digital Broadcast Range Launched by Videocon


VideoconNew range of full-HD LED TVs has launched by Videocon based on Liquid Luminous Technology. It’s advanced technology with new features; it can reproduce 95 percent of the colors that human eyes can recognize. This technology is better than traditional LED TVs.

Also it serves cutting edge diffusion film, which helps in smooth transition from one scene to the other due to that blurred effect can avoid. Efficiency in providing soothing and relaxing effects without extending any stress to the eyes

About 12 new TVs have been launched in the range. And sizes range of it’s from 24 to 55 inches. Cost for 24 inch TV is around at Rs. 17,490. Technology itself provides reception of digital signal directly because digital set of box built into TV. Advanced features like play and pause live series, smart connect, new over the air software updates, soen sound are present in new HD LED TV.


Videocon already has developed businesses in television manufacturing and sales. Also it provides direct-to-home digital television services. This new DDB range, the company can expect to combine its business interests in the two segments and have customers use a single product with not only the hardware, however even the television service designed into the product itself. The new range of DDB TVs offer full-HD resolution even at the smaller-sized variants, and promise superior image performance.###