Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

BPL Medical TechnologiesA leading Indian medical devices company ‘BPL Medical Technologies’ is announced that acquires UK-based Penlon ltd, which is major manufacturer of anesthesia systems and vaporizers with worldwide distribution networks. Penlon is internationally recognized company in critical care section and well known all over world.

BPL Medical Technologies said in a statement, purpose of acquisition to increase BPL and distribution in other emerging and improve market. These products are sourced by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and anesthesia system manufacturers over global.

Penlon’s product vary enhances BPL Medical’s existing portfolio and can facilitate in increasing its presence in essential care phase. Penlon can still be based mostly in and operated from the UK below the leadership of the present management team, it added

Improve R&D capabilities to develop many new products, which helpful for India and other emerging markets. Additionally, with the help of Penlon Ltd BPL Medical’s international presence will expand, Khurana said.

Also they have many strategies to invent advanced technology device and to design world class an anesthesia machines. Due to partnership with company it will be beneficial for BPL Medical to increase market value.

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