What do you think? What type of two-wheel vehicle will you prefer for the city use? A scooter right. We have the same opinion. The reason—it has been seen in majority of the developed cities, Scooter is a segment that is preferred due to easy handling, light weight, accessible and economical and stylish looks as well.

A dominating Taiwanese scooter manufacturer, Kymco, which has been in the sector since last 60 years has revealed its new wheel recently—2018 Kymco 150i. Though the scooter is majorly known for its utility benefits, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to ride. When it comes to styling, the vehicle is a decent one that stands out different in the crowd.

Coming on to its powerplant, the vehicle is powered by air-cooled single cylinder four stroke engine that generates 13.5 Horsepower that too below 9 Ft/LBS of Torque. Cruising around the city limits is pretty cool with 2018 Kymco 150i. The suspension of this scooter is designed with respective to streets. It enables the chassis to settle quickly while managing the potholes. Braking mechanism helps you to navigate in a hassle-free way and drive through in a tight parking conditions.




The all new 2018 Kymco 150i not only delivers high-quality output in terms of power but is also equipped with various styling features. The scooter comes in 4 elegant colors including Deep Blue Metallic, Pearly White, Plain Gray, and Bright Red. This efficient and style icon scooter comes with a price tag of $2599. This figure also fulfills the dream of many individuals that are steeping on their own financially.

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